January 18th 2020

We Sleep Better
Than Anyone

We think sleep changes you.

We've known the power of sleep since forever (Amazon was just a bookstore when we invented gel memory foam). More muscle recovery.
Improved memory. Better mood.
Bottom line, your best sleep leads to your best you.


Thanks to our sleep lab, we get what great sleep is. And we think the science of what you sleep on matters. Why? By improving coolness, relieving pressure points, and increasing REM, we started a sleep revolution. See? Science does put you to sleep.

A one-size-fits-all mattress? We wouldn't dream of it.

Not everyone sleeps the same.
So we got pretty obsessed with designing different bedding for different sleepers - stomach or side, firm or soft, solo or shared. We believe you deserve to find your fit to dream your dreams.

Welcome to sleep 2.0.

So that's the deal. We use science to formulate different products for unique people. Then we help you find your fit - because the right bedding leads to the best sleep. And the best sleep lets you live the life you were meant to live. Get ready to start your own revolution.

We never settle. You shouldn’t either.