January 19th 2020

What’s Sleep Innovations All About? Let Experts from Other Industries Explain.

How Designing the Perfect Mattress is Like Baking a Cake

A memory foam mattress is a lot like a wonderful layer cake, but it’s not going to satisfy if you don’t use the right ingredients or construct it correctly. Pastry Chef Steve Wong shares the importance of a great recipe for great results.

One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to Mattresses

Working out requires a plan of attack tailored to individual needs. To get a hot bod, you need the right fitness plan FOR YOU. Here to break down exactly why one size does not fit all is personal trainer Jae McMillan to talk about tailoring fitness programs for his individual clients.

Experience Matters When Designing a Mattress Meant for You

To fully appreciate the evolution of an object, it helps to reflect on its past. Objects Conservator Rachel Greenberg reminds us how essential experience and knowledge is when improving upon an object.

We Do Our Homework. You Get a Mattress that Fits Your Style.

It’s up to fashion designers to research trends and then interpret and translate that information into clothes that you want to buy. The same goes with your sleeping style. Fashion Designer Ana Thompson is here to prove consumer research helps perfect product.