January 18th 2020

A One Size Fits All Mattress? Not in Your Dreams.

We love the idea of living simply. After all, do you need 73 different coffee combinations at 7:30 in the morning? Does it really matter which international roaming plan you add to your cell phone if you’re just going to cancel it when you get back? No, it doesn’t. So you can stop overthinking and find something more important to customize, like your background picture on Facebook.

But what’s up with a one size fits all mattress?

Hats, ok. Socks, very possibly. And we could definitely get behind a universal #2 pencil, one sized chalkboard eraser (do they still make those?) and a standardized drinking straw.


You sleep seven to nine hours per night (hopefully). Even if you spend a few nights away from home, that’s easily 3,000 hours per year in bed. Expect a mattress to last as long as ten years, and that’s 30,000 hours.

Meanwhile, that half-caf, no-whip, extra shot latte lasted about seven minutes.

So you can see why we beg to differ on the idea of a one size fits all mattress. Or, we beg you to differ on mattresses. Like, whether you need a mattress that helps keep you cool. Or offers more support for your spine and neck. Or simply is a little firmer or a little softer because you’re you, and that’s how you like it. How you sleep – on your side, on your back, tossing and turning – has a big impact on what you should sleep on. So does your body size and shape – are you extra tall? Or maybe you’re shaped more like a tomato than a string bean. And whether you share the bed with someone else matters too. So what kind of miracle mattress can suit every man, woman and child?

One that we’re still waiting to see.

The best mattress for you, leads to the best sleep for you. It’s whichever one that makes you feel ready to seize the day instead of seize the covers in the morning. Or, actually, the next 3,000 mornings.

We say embrace your individuality. Know thyself. Or at least thy sleep needs. And demand a say in your mattress design. Seriously, if you care whether they left room for milk, surely you have a view on your next decade of dreams.

Let Sleep Innovations help you find the mattress, topper, or pillow meant for you. Find Your Fit.