Skylar 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

You’re always looking for balance. Whether it's working late on a deadline or going on a hike with friends, life is all about equilibrium. Even though you fall asleep on your side and end up on your back, Skylar always supports you with a breathable balanced touch. Its ventilated foam and open weave fabric keeps you so refreshed that you literally feel like you’re floating on air!  On Skylar, you wake up every day and rock whatever comes your way.

The Skylar mattress offers:

  • Breathable support that lightly cradles
  • Medium- firm support
  • For the average to bigger body
  • Ideal for side or back sleepers
  • TriComfort™ Design
  • Top layer – Cool Plush Luxury (2.5 in. cooling gel-memory foam)
  • Middle layer – Ultra ventilated (2.5 in. Air Channel Foam)
  • Base Layer – Deep Support (7 in. support plus foam)
  • 20 – year limited warranty – Made in the USA
  • Quilted poly – knit cover with open weave, breathable side panels
  • Vacuum packed for easy shipping and handling

Starting at: $415.99

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