January 23rd 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Love Memory Foam Bedding

Even if you’re new to memory foam, you probably already know that it has the unique ability to conform to your shape, because who hasn’t pushed their hand (ok, face) in a store’s “test” memory foam pillow to see the indentation.

If you still aren’t sure if memory foam is right for you here are the Top Five reasons why you should consider inviting memory foam into your life:

1. It’s easy to find what works best for you. There is no need to jump right into a mattress, you can start slow with a mattress topper or pillow and find a solution that fits your life. Still not sure, head over to Sleep Innovations Find Your Fit quiz and get recommendations based on your sleep position(s), temperature preference and body type.

2. It offers unbeatable, customized comfort. No matter which option you choose, memory foam becomes customized to your by enveloping your body in the perfect blend of support and comfort. It helps relieve pressure points, meaning less tossing and turning for a better, deeper sleep and brighter mornings (no coffee or under-eye concealer needed, well… maybe not need).

3.It keeps getting better. Today’s memory foam is specially designed to be intelligent, adaptable and responsive, and there are more choices and features than ever before. The cells inside memory foam can do everything from keep you cool all night to perfectly cradle your head and align your neck when used in pillows. A memory foam mattress can prevent you from feeling your partner roll over or get in and out of bed (and vice versa). With benefits like these, it’s no surprise that a poll on SleepLikeTheDead.com found that memory foam mattresses rank highest in overall owner satisfaction.

4. It goes to infinity and beyond! First developed for use in space for absorbing shock, viscoelastic memory foam has also lined the helmets of race car drivers and football players and helped the medical industry design more comfortable prosthetic limbs. So, not only can memory foam keep you cool – it is cool.

5. It’s a smart all-around choice. Most memory foam products are created from polyurethane, making them naturally hypoallergenic. And their dense structures make them resistant to accumulating allergens over time.

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