Our Story

Nearly 20 years ago, our Sleep Innovations team invented the first gel memory foam mattresses, making a more comfortable night’s sleep possible.

Then, we figured out a better way to deliver mattresses to customers, creating the first mattress-in-a-box, ever. And today, we are continually exploring new ways to advance comfort for everyone.

We spend a ton of time listening to what our customers need, improving materials, inventing better technology, and staying current with design trends. Before launching any new product, we rigorously sleep-test in our lab (tough job!), make changes based on real feedback, and repeat until it’s ready for prime time.

We’re slightly obsessed with quality control, so the foam in all of our bedding is proudly made in the USA. We are consistently recognized for our commitment to quality: top-rated on Consumer Reports, featured on the Today Show and US News & World Report, and, most importantly, by thousands of people just like you.